Hemp CBD Caramel Chews


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Hemp CBD Caramel Chews

Hemp CBD Caramel Chews are made with 100% All Natural, Gluten Free, non-GMO, Kosher ingredients

these caramels are completely satisfying!  Each caramel is carefully made, therefore ensuring great quality and a decadent taste. our old fashioned hand crafted treats include 15mg of CBD per caramel, providing a vast number of health benefits with each bite.

Our delicious caramels are the perfect treat to savor anybody who loves CBD. These caramels also come with the powerful chemical known as CBD. 15mg of it that is, all baked inside the thick and savory caramel. The caramel, made from the sweet powder of sugar cane is one of the worlds best indoctrinated sweets evolved into the world. Plus with the powerful chemical known as CBD in the mix, you cannot go wrong with having this in your life.

will take your taste buds for an pleasant ride!  Each 150mg pack contain 10 caramels made with CO2 extracted CBD rich hemp oil, dosed at 15mg per piece. In other words they melt in your mouth for rapid absorption of medicine.

secondly each pack comes with 10 CBD infused Caramel Candie 15 mg of hemp extracted CBD per piece , Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Vanilla, Chocolate, Salted, Scotch