Agrodine Hemp Bud Flower


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Agrodine Hemp Bud Flower

Right now we have two strains Grapefruit Haze and Alien Skunk. These strains are original breeds which came as a result of natural cross breeding in our hemp fields. These strains are original and our exclusive, you won’t find these strains anywhere else! All the buds come various sizes. Flower is of nice quality and looks fantastic. Agrodine Hemp Bud Flower has all clean lab reports slipped into the package for each strain inside. These strains ship to all 50 states.

Agrodine now offers CBD flower USA grown organic hemp buds. These buds provide a unique flavor and aroma when compared to other strains. The strain that we call Grapefruit Haze can be characterized by its grapefruit aroma, along with its grapefruit citrus flavor. It also provides an amazing experience upon the first toke. Therefore providing a wondrous feel when smoking it.

The other strain Alien Skunk also has a unique twist when next to other strains of hemp. This strain has a wooden, earthly, skunky smell, therefore makin it alien to other hemp strains that have fruity smells. Which is why it is given its namesake, a strain that is completely alien to others strains.

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The Beast, Alien Skunk


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