Hand Made glass Pipe

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Hand Made in Santa Fe New Mexico
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Random Colors Shipped


Hand Made glass Pipe, Hand Made beautifully Wrapped and raked hand pipe will stand out in your collection
Pipe is fumed for color changing effects. Pipe will grow and evolve with you after every use. The pipe becomes one with you, therefore you shall have a better experience when smoking your preferred material. It will also help create a more stable relationship with your material, that way you can have better and stronger experiences with your material.
Hand Made glass Pipe Dry pipes, or hand pipes, are a classic smoking favorite and can be made from clay, metal, ceramic, wood or glass. Simple in nature, dry pipes can be a multitude of different shapes, but typically feature a tube design with a bowl at one end and a hole to inhale smoke through on the other. We stuck with this old tradition as it is simple in construction and design. The age old method has always worked and will never stop working.
Hand made in Santa Fe New Mexico and therefore is awesome
Buy 2 Get One Free
Random Colors Shipped
Caution: This product does contain glass. We package it with as much cushion and protection as we can. Any other damage will be considered the shipping businesses fault.