Choice Platinum Kratom Extract



Choice Platinum Kratom Extract

Choice Platinum Kratom Extract is another powerful kratom on the market today. This particular rendition of kratom is so strong that it is rare. Only available in limited supply. The reason for this optimized amount of pressure is because of the fact of how we made it. We enhanced the White Vein Sumatran kratom to have more of an 11% mitrgynine rather than 1.2-2.1% of mitragynine that most kratom powders have. Therefore increasing its alkaloid content up to 13%. 

This high potency in our kratom is drawing more attention to our product everyday. The reason for this is the fact that the high potency means that you can take less and get the threshold you need. Without having to take large amounts of caps or powder. Plus the potency of such caps we provide also means added health benefits. With higher potency the amount of vitamins and minerals are also increased.

This new Kratom product comes at very limited supply!

from your most trusted vendor.  made by enhancing White Vein Sumatran Kratom to create a blended enhanced product that is approximately 11% mitragynine.

With a total alkaloid content of 13%. Our Kratom Extract is quickly becoming the popular choice among customers.