Choice Kratom Maeng-da Powder


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Choice Kratom Maeng-da Powder

Choice Kratom Maeng-da Powder is one of the most popular kratom strains. Harvested from the Mitragnya speciosa kratom tree. Grounded down to the finest powder. So fine that it has the consistency of powdered sugar.Then we test it for impurities. Once it passes the test we then bottle it, or capsule it, then ship it.

Grown by experienced growers, who care and harvest the delicate leafs for generations. This art has been passed down from one bloodline to another, therefore making our kratom heavily sought after. From this our kratom has been handled and cared for by professionals.

Because Choice Kratom Maeng-da contains the alkaloid mitragynine it has many medical benefits. The main three effects are pain relief, energy boost, and also sedative.

this leafs where originally named after the trees it came from. the strain is now grown in Borneo and other areas while retaining the genetic characteristics that have made it so popular. These genetic characteristics is what gives kratom its special effects from different strains.

In conclusion, to sum up, in short this product is FIRE!

NOTE: The color of the veins are not the colors of the powder

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