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Bulk Hemp Trim Shake. Current strain available is LIFTER. This product is an excellent choice for most consumers. Shake provides an easy use for most hemp products. One example being its use for creating the notorious pre roll, an amazing way to consume the product. It also goes easy on grinders and slicers that way it can put less wear on machinery and faster pre roll creation.

By using shake, you are cutting down on having to use the beautiful buds that come from the plants. Trim is best used for processes that need hemp to create an end product. Therefore trim can be a substitute for processes that will ultimately destroy beautiful selling buds. While still delivering the same satisfaction that a normal bud can give.

By utilizing a dry trim technique to ensure that our hemp trim maintains the highest concentration of trichomes attached.

We dry the plant then hand trim it.

We commit to providing our clients with the highest quality end product.

Also, all of our hemp trim is strain specific.

when you are performing extractions to create oils and concentrates, you will know exactly what strain you are working with.

Certified organic !

All of Agrodine Bulk Hemp trim Shake is sold at market price.

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