Bulk CBD Hemp Gummies


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Bulk CBD Hemp Gummies

Bulk CBD Hemp Gummies is now here! You can now buy larger amounts of these fantastic CBD gummy bears. Saving your money has never been easier now that buying in bulk is a thing in the CBD industry. Our gummies are also fantastic for any occasion. From parties to recovery after an accident or surgery. The tantalizing sour flavor of our gummies will satisfy the taste buds of anyone. Young or old, tall or short, pencil thin to beefy fat, to fit or sit. Did I also mention you can use these to work out? If you need only a little boost of energy to get that last set in, just pop one of these in your mouth, suck on it, and get’er done! 

Our gummies are all natural and were slaughtered humanely in accordance to the definition of humane. The hemp and CBD also used to manufacture the gummies is 100% natural and contain no GMO’s or pesticides or herbicides. We also have eyes to keep track of quality control.

Made with All Natural, Filtered, Apple Juice, Raw African Demerara Cane Sugar Gelatin from Grass Fed and Free Range Hemp Organically Grown CBD from Colorado.

Includes 1200 Gummies

6 Mixed Flavors 

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