All Agrodine CBD products are phyto cannabinoid rich with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and aromatic terpenes.

With laws regarding cannabis different in every state and the “marijuana” part of the industry having different federal and state laws, it is obvious there will be confusion.

CBD  is NOT marijuana.

As we have definitively shown, CBD is defined in Federal law as different from “marijuana”. Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill provides a legal definition of “industrial hemp” as a separate entity from “marijuana”.

Therefore, banking regulations that will not allow transactions across state lines for “marijuana” should never apply the same rules to “industrial hemp” and the CBD derived from such plants.

Unfortunately, this truth has not reached all banks processing card transactions.

To further complicate the issue many institutions are being sold web crawling software that searches for the words CBD, cannabidiol and THC.  In fact these web crawlers use CBD as an example to hard sell their software.

This especially affects e-commerce.

It can also affect and flag brick and mortar retail when receipt transactions contain the terms CBD or cannabidiol.

As part of our unconditional and relentless commitment to “transparency” we want all our customers to understand the issues.

This is an exciting market. This is the most promising herbal substance ever researched.

Our commitment is to a new system of green business values.

Quality, Transparency, Honesty and Verification  is the core of our reality.

We are committed to a “greater good” and the wellbeing of our personal and shared human experience.